A cooperation agreement was signed between "Studio 9" and "McInerney Hospitality International Georgia"

On April 6, a cooperation agreement was signed between “Studio 9” and the company “McInerney Hospitality International Georgia”.

McInerney Hospitality International Georgia” is a hotel management company founded by Georgian and American partners.

Architecture firm “Studio 9” and “McInerney Hospitality International Georgia” will jointly offer a full range of services to create a successful brand for clients interested in the hotel and restaurant business. The company and its director – Maia Tsereteli will be involved in the planning process of the facility at the design stage, so that the hotel can be prepared in compliance with the 3, 4 or 5 star standard.

The services of “McInerney Hospitality International Georgia” at the stage of preparation for the opening of the hotel include the following types of consulting activities, For entire hotel and the surrounding area:

  • Functional load issues

  • Fire plumbing, heating and air conditioning issues

  • Consulting on technical, IT and security issues

  • Categorizing rooms, when planning guests and work spaces

  • Consultancy in the planning of hotel catering facilities and hotel kitchens, including installations and equipment

  • Staff selection and training

  • Preparing the hotel department for opening

We offer not only architecture, but also a successful business model!